What Is HypnoBirthing?

This is a childbirth education program to teach you and your birthing companion how to prepare and plan the best birth for you. The program is based on the work of English obstetrician, Dr Grantly Dick-Read, the father of Natural Childbirth, who through his work in obstetrics and his book “Childbirth Without Fear” inspired Marie Mongan to develop the HypnoBirthing programme. HypnoBirthing incorporates techniques for self-hypnosis, breathing exercises and visualisation. With HypnoBirthing you will be fully aware and in control but deeply relaxed. HypnoBirthing will teach you the art of using your own natural birthing instincts with confidence and trust.


The Course

Whilst I will continue my refresher courses, at present with a live video online session, I will no longer be teaching initial HypnoBirthing courses for either groups or one to one.

HypnoBirthing refresher courses for mums or couples preparing for their second or subsequent birth are usually arranged around 30-32 weeks and can be individual or small groups. These are usually one session for 2hours 30mins but can be longer if necessary.

Refresher Outline

  • Learning from previous birth.
  • Revisit breathing exercises.
  • Recap methods of relaxation.
  • Changes in a second or subsequent birth.
  • Remembering our hormonal benefits.
  • Using the online library.
  • Relaxation – instant and progressive.
  • Physical preparation.
  • Optimal positioning.
  • Birth preferences – understanding options and choices – Knowledge IS power!
  • Breast feeding.

Also included with the refresher session is an online library of scripts, music and narrations.

June Poole

Hello everyone, having taught this unique and original method of childbirth preparation for 17 years to over 1700 mums-to-be and their birth partners, and having retired from midwifery practice, I have decided I will no longer teach HypnoBirthing other than refresher courses.

I am proud to have introduced HypnoBirthing to Jersey, to the many mums who have embraced this program and to the midwives who have supported it and are now teaching within the island.


Hi June,
3 weeks ago I woke gently in the night to mild aching… I slept through until morning and then started using a hot water bottle for my back during surges, and played hypnobirthing music at all times. In between the surges I was getting on with usual activities.
We were still at home when I got the urge to push, my surges had not been regular so we were a little caught off guard and Maternity had advised we stay at home until they were more consistent. Not the best advice (!!), had I not got into the car at that point I would have had my girl on the bedroom floor!
My instincts were amazing, I got on all fours to try and slow things down before rushing into the car between surges, desperately trying not to push… Andrew drove, my waters broke in the car (3 lots) and another gush as I was in the hospital foyer. I remember apologising to the lovely porter/engineer chap who got me a wheelchair as my waters went again in the lift.
Straight into a labour suite, midwife checked and I was 10cm. Finally I could just go with it… And I did just that! I have never felt so empowered and in control in my life.
I loved labour – I enjoyed  it. Is that crazy?!
I was overjoyed.
Partway through, and I mean the head was half out, I was joking with my husband, checking he was okay, completely calm – the scene was so serene and relaxed. It was surreal, I remember thinking at that moment “I’d happily do this again in an hour!”
Once I’d birthed the head (I tore but don’t recall feeling pain then at all), I was excited to push again – the feeling of actually releasing the head and the body, that sudden relief in my then vacant bump and the loss of pressure in the vagina when the baby is completely out was incredible – such a bizarre feeling!
No pain relief, at all. No anxiety. No medical intervention. No interruptions. No panicking. No annoying questions. Just me. Andrew, our wonderful midwife (who was completely on board with hypnobirthing) and my new baby girl.
This labour was everything I wanted for my first, but I had got the opposite… I really wasn’t sure how this one would go and I know you are aware how anxious I was based on my first experience. This labour was beautiful, perfect, and it has healed some really difficult and raw memories from my older daughter’s birth.
I cannot believe I did it… but I did. I cannot thank you enough.
Persephone George Bellamy-Burt, 26 September 2019
7lb 15oz, 55cm
Katie Bellamy-Burt xx
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Having heard about Hypnobirthing years ago and knowing friends who have undertaken their adventure with June, my husband and I decided to embark on our own hypnobirthing adventure prior to the arrival of our daughter.

From the first moment of our arrival at her house, June made us feel warm and welcome, her hypnobirthing practicing space is a haven of calm and the smell of cake is divine 😊

Part of the reason for attending hypnobirthing classes was to help me overcome the fears I had of a medicalised birth and to accept whatever birth method I may have. June taught me not be fearful or frightened of the birthing process, educated me in what to expect and very much helped my husband understand the birthing process and his role as my support coach.

Whilst ultimately my birthing journey did not follow that of a normal, natural birth, I was able to apply June’s hypnobirthing techniques to my examinations, inducement and ultimately csection.
In addition to this, I was also able to reach out to June for reassurance when I needed it, which was VERY gratefully received by my husband and I!

I would recommend hypnobirthing with June to anyone interested for many reasons, three of which are:

– The sound of June’s voice immediately puts you at ease, and her hugs feel like that of a close friend.. easing away your stresses and worries;
– June’s experience as a midwife is massive – she has seen it all; and
– the knowledge you gain is invaluable. June also gave a breast feeding lesson as part of our sessions which was immensely helpful.. especially when your baby arrives and you literally have no idea where to even begin!

Thank you so much June, you’ve helped our family begin the next chapter of our lives in a much calmer way than we could of hoped for, and us up with relaxation techniques to use for life 😊

Stephanie Ashford

I had the most wonderful experience hypnobirthing both my two – Rory (now 12) and Alice (now 9).

June was an absolute angel throughout the whole experience with her knowledge and guidance and I was lucky to have her as my midwife for both births.

The best decision I ever made and the memories of bringing these two into the world are so happy and joyful and will last with me and my husband forever.

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Janet Bower
Dec 2018

June Poole is an amazing source of information and confidence. Her wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none.

Four our first baby, my wife and I found the HypnoBirthing course very useful and felt it prepared us well for the unknown. Now we are expecting baby number 2 and have just taken the refresher course. Very worth while as a learning exercise from our previous experience and as a reminder of the techniques to try and stay in control! Thanks again June Poole!! x

Richard Priddles

May 2019

I was incredibly lucky that I had an amazing first birth experience having my daughter. Hypnobirthing gave me the tools and confidence to bring myself into a relaxed state for my home birth, which I credit with allowing my daughter to come quickly and safely into the world. We also made a great set of friends in the couples that attended the course with our children now all close friends.

It was because of this we decided to use Hypnobirthing again for our second child and complete the Hypnobirthing refresher course with June Poole.

Hypnobirthing has now helped me not only with my first child’s birth but also in the weeks leading up to my next delivery by staying calm and not getting anxious with the breathing and relaxation exercises.

I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to to fully recap it in one evening when previously for my daughter we had done Saturday mornings for 5 weeks.
All my fears went away as soon as June started. We recapped our births, giving us the ability to talk about our experiences, to embrace all the positives, talk about where our breathing had helped us but also express our worries and see where maybe we needed to focus more to get through surges when they may not come as such a shock this second time around.
She soon had us practicing our breathing which I hadn’t had chance to try yet. It was fantastic to be able to focus on baby number two when this time around things seem so much busier.

It was incredible how much June covered in just one evening and I am so happy we chose to do the refresher course, it has reassured, refreshed and given me the chance to apply what I learnt for my first birth for my second. Thank you so much!

Virginia Gouyette

After attending a HypnoBirthing course with June and experiencing a fantastic birth with our first 3 years ago there was no question that we wouldn’t revisit HypnoBirthing second time round.

Ever patient and knowledgeable June gave a fantastic refresher session and I really cant rave enough about how amazing and empowering it is to have the knowledge of what to expect during birth (how ever many times you experience it!) it really does take the worries and fear away. Plus gives Dads a strong role to play too.

Due to our first arriving very quickly at the hospital (we were so in control at home we didn’t realise how far along we were 🤣) we planned for a home birth this time.

My waters broke at home and we were able to get set up for the birth but unfortunately due to meconium present in my waters we made the decision to go into hospital.

We continued to use our HypnoBirthing techniques once on the labour ward and set up with our music etc and I was still able to have a natural unassisted birth in the pool, albeit in the hospital setting.

We stayed in control over all our choices so just to say don’t despair if you plan a home birth and you do end up having to go into hospital.

If your on the fence about taking a course go and see June. It will be one of the best preparations you do!

— with Neil Stone.

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I had my little girl last Saturday and used the Hypnobirthing technique I learned with June. It helped me keep calm and focus on my breath without the need for pain relief. This was my second baby and after my waters broke on Friday morning I had a long latent stage before the surges quickly increased on Saturday from one in ten minutes to four or five surges every ten minutes. An hour and a half later my daughter was born in the birthing pool. A beautiful experience.

I would recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone who is pregnant and wants to minimize the risk of medical intervention and birth in a calm and relaxed manner.

Rachel MacNeil

June 2019

My twins are just coming up to two-years-old and I cant help but think back to when they came into the world. Without you June (and of course hypnobirthing) I wouldn’t have had the confidence and knowledge to have the birth I wanted. I just wanted to say thank you again, you will never know how much it means to me and my family xx

Hannah Hearne

Excellent course – I was skeptical but it was all common sense. The key is to remain calm and create a relaxed environment. June teaches the techniques that really work well. She has over 40 years experience as a midwife and has delivered 1000s of babies (so she knows what she is talking about). Birthing partners are also given guidance on how best to support their parter before and during labour. Thanks again June.

John-Paul Meagher


Before I thought I would be having a baby I already knew I really wanted to do June’s Hypnobirthing course. She was THE name of Hypnobirth in the island and I had to guarantee a space in one of her busy classes. The recommendations came to me directly via other mums that had done the course and couldn’t speak highly enough about June’s hypnobirth classes.

I have been always fascinated with the life experience that comes with years of work as a midwife and the chance of having all that while learning how to birth a child in a kinder and calmer way, made June the best possible choice to guide me through it and I will be forever grateful for her knowledge and ability to teach.

I had my first child couple of years ago. Me and my husband used the techniques June had practiced previously with us throughout my labour. It was an intense but wonderful experience thanks to the skills developed as we learnt June’s shared knowledge.
Having my second child I then had a refresher with June and realised it was going to be better than the first time but also more intense. June helped me once again to realise I needed time to practice and to embark into this new adventure with a new baby.
My husband being a medical doctor was sceptical initially but seeing how much more relaxed I was and the empowerment it gave me he very quickly came around and did his part supporting me throughout the process.
I am truly thankful I did the hypnobirthing course with June.

Bela Andrade

We chose the Hypnobirthing course with June because I was very overwhelmed about birth and labour and wanted to learn some techniques on how to remain calm and in control. The course was so much more than just Hypnobirthing and was invaluable with the amount we learnt about the whole process.

With June’s years of experience she is the perfect person to look to for support and she has time for every one of her mums-to-be outside, as well as inside, the course. My baby was breech and June took the time to discuss various options with me, she even met me at the pool and we did an underwater forward roll to try and turn the little monkey!

Sadly the baby didn’t turn over and we ended up opting for an elective C section as we felt it was the right choice for us. June fully supported our choice and was available if I had any queries about the procedure.

Whilst it was not the Hypnobirth we had visioned the birth was absolutely perfect, calm and relaxed. I listened to the tracks June recorded on the morning of the birth and used all the breathing techniques to remain calm whilst having the spinal block, which was what I was most nervous about.

Thank you so much June and I’m still using your recorded tracks to help me rest and relax!

Emily Collins

September 2019


My partner and I went into June’s course not really knowing much about hypnobirthing and what it entailed. I was interested in learning about the birthing process and finding a way to be calm and in control of a situation which is, unfortunately, typically surrounded by stress and negativity.

June was incredibly knowledgeable and provided an immense amount of support. We learnt so much over the 5 week course and I know for sure that if it wasn’t for June and Hypnobirthing, our birth would have played out differently. Our beautiful Hypno baby arrived peacefully in the pool with no pain relief or intervention.

Knowledge is power 🌹

Lucy Cox

September 2019

We would absolutely recommend HypnoBirthing – Jersey with June. Ideally I would like to give birth as naturally as possible and the sessions explain all about the HypnoBirthing philosophy, breathing and relaxation techniques, positive birthing affirmations, practical ways to prepare for labour etc. Not only that, we have learnt so much technical information about pregnancy, breastfeeding, the whole birthing process and various options available to us such as pain relief (if I end up choosing it), induction methods etc. The sessions are held at June’s lovely house with tea/coffee & homemade cakes which makes you feel very relaxed and at home. Due to June’s 40+ years experience, we came away learning so much and feeling much more prepared and positive for our exciting journey ahead! Worth every penny x

Michelle Palmer

Eddie and I both enjoyed the HypnoBirthing course ran by June. I had a healthy pregnancy and enjoyed it without any fear which I can only put it down to the tools I learnt on the course. I really enjoyed the meditation, education on birthing and straight talking positivity from June. We had our little boy in July and although it was not our original birth plan it was a positive birth for the situation we found ourselves in. June is an exceptional lady, and her years of experience made me feel confident and empowered. I would highly recommend.

Ruthie Hawkesford

August 2019

Having just bumped in to the lovely June Poole, I was taken straight back to the fantastic hypnobirthing classes I attended in preparation for the births of both our babies. My husband and I signed up for the full course the first time around and then I saw June for a refresher when I was expecting our second. The class materials and content as well as June’s warmth and humour provided us with so many tools and a wonderful sense of empowerment as we approached both due dates. Our birthing experiences were very different but June’s perspective and knowledge on both occasions was invaluable.
Our hypno babies…now aged 9 years and 3 years!!
Many thanks June xx

Sam Ranieri

I did HypnoBirthing for both of my children with June. I was lucky enough to have June there with my second at home and she was amazing and I had a calm, easy birth I cannot recommend this course enough, even if it doesn’t go to plan like my first I still feel it helped so much and I learnt so much.

Nicole Dowdon-Smith

My husband and I have just been to see June for a refresher course ahead of the birth of our second child. We would highly recommend taking the time to brush up on the techniques etc. June is incredibly experienced and always available to provide advice. A lovely way to prepare for a birth.

Liana Pallot

June is very knowledgeable and experienced she has really helped us prepare for the birth of our little girl. I definitely used the techniques taught on the course. I highly recommend 👍🏼😊

Jenna Meredith

Our Hypno baby girl, Millie Elizabeth 💕 was born Sunday at 10am! Weighing 8lb15!! Having been induced with pre eclampsia on Saturday, I had a 5am start Sunday and she was in our arms by 10am. Just gas and air and it’s all thanks to your course June !! Could not have done it without. I think I know your scripts off by heart now 😂 as I had them on repeat for the first two hours before they allowed my partner, Will in to the hospital. Will also felt fully equipped to arrive back at the hospital and have to get straight into action! Thanks so much June, we would recommend you to anyone! Xx

Hannah Jenner

April 2019

June’s hypnobirthing course is an absolute must for anyone who is expecting a baby. We had the most amazing and positive birth experience and I genuinely believe this was down to the preparation and tools given to us through the course. I was able to labour at home using the techniques June teaches and understanding how to trust your body helped me to deliver my baby naturally and without pain relief. If you’re considering joining this course I would definitely recommend it, I was a little sceptical going in whether this kind of birth could be achieved but it was so worth it!

Laney Betts

We absolutely loved June’s course and we can’t recommend it enough to all parents expecting a baby.
The knowledge and tools that June equips you with are so valuable. We went from being apprehensive and fearful of child birth to confident, prepared and excited.
June is a fantastic teacher with such amazing experience. She gives you confidence in your body and is so supportive. My partner benefitted from the course as much as I did and was far more prepared to support me through the birth.
Our birth experience was 100times better thanks to doing this course and thanks to the amazing June.

Jo Hepworth

Had 2 babies and hypnobirthing was amazing for me as no problems no complications and was able to have faith in the experience by staying calmer with the knowledge I learned through June and the hypnobirthing.

Debbie Vautier

Would 100% recommend the course June is amazing so helpful and great preparation for labour and parenthood! Thanks so much ❤️

Marianne Brogan

March 2019

I could not recommend something more highly. Although our labour was not as planned and hoped for, with the tools June taught us, we were able to regain control of the birth of our handsome son. Hypnobirthing is enlightening and empowering and we will be back for a refresher if we are lucky enough in the future to add to our gorgeous family. Thank you June x

Rochelle Gardiner

Feb 2019

Would absolutely 100% recommend this course and June. Brilliant preparation for new parents.

Kate Kirk

I hypnobirthed with June over the summer and our daughter was born at the start of November.

The hypnobirthing techniques and philosophy really resonated with me, and definitely helped me remain calm during my pregnancy and the start of my labour before we headed to the hospital.

The birth was an extremely positive experience. Hard (it’s called labour for a reason!), but positive. Hypnobirthing really helped me change my view on the idea of giving birth and I believe really helped this positive view.

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing, and June is fantastic. It has also been a great way of meeting a few other new parents too that are going through the same thing as you at the same time.

Thank you June!

Lizzie Tweed

Dec 2018

I hypnobirthed with June for both my babies I did the full course 4 years ago and did a refresher a few months ago. I had two very different births and can honestly say that hypnobirthing was invaluable to both.

My first daughter was born very calmly in the birthing pool with just gas and air and no intervention at all. However, my second daughter born yesterday was almost 10 pounds and I could not have another pool birth because she was in an awkward position. She ended up coming with one arm up by her face to make my job all the more difficult. It wasn’t quite the calmest birth, however I was able to use my breathing techniques and knowledge June had given us to deliver her with only gas and air and no intervention. My Midwives were also incredible of course.

I can’t recommend June’s course and techniques enough, they gave my husband and I so much confidence and helped us handle two very different births.

As an added bonus I have made friends for life at June’s course and the group from 4 years ago still support each other now. 😊

Jenna Cartwright

Many thanks June for the wonderful Hypno birthing program.
My husband suggested me to join this course. I am from India and follow different yoga and meditations. So I must admit that I was not very keen to join.
When I came to you first, I realised that the course is not only about different breathing techniques but is all about changing mindset of each and every parents. We learn from you, labor can be joyful and peaceful.
This positivity and willingness helped me to have vaginal delivery after crossing due date.
We were able to manage first stage of labor at home with hypnobithing techniques.
When I reached hospital, I was already 6 cm dilated and our little princess was with us in less than 3 hours.
Also would like to thank all doctors, midwives in the hospital who were there with us throughout

Kanchan Kulkarne Deshpande

Kate and I attended some hypnobirthing classes lead by, super genius, June Poole during March to May 2018.

As a father to be, I wanted Kate to be more equipped with knowledge for Labour so that she could better manage the Labour process. “After each class, we left feeling so empowered and full of beans by June’s amazingness!” June is an exceptional lady with lots of experience.

Becoming a parent is unfamiliar and daunting. The cool thing about joining June’s pre natal class is that you are around people with the same feelings, so it’s not so alien. You also get to make friends too which is a gift post birth! X

All the best

Aaron, Kate and Charlie

Having just welcomed our 2nd child, a boy, 6 weeks ago, my husband and I can not recommend highly enough June’s hypnobirthing. As with our daughter 5 years ago, our son arrived in to this world in a calm and peaceful environment without the support of any medication. Hypnobirthing enabled us to relax during the birthing experience to welcome our two beautiful babies in to this world calm and alert with no tears, taking in their new environment.

Having attended the full course for the first pregnancy and the refresher course for the second, the principles and techniques taught were invaluable in giving us the confidence to trust our bodies to achieve the natural delivery we wished for. We still use many of the breathing techniques with our children post delivery. June’s experience and calm nature put us at ease for an event which many would consider daunting.

Whether it be you first, or subsequent pregnancy we would highly recommend hypnobirthing Jersey. June is amazing at explaining and teaching the methods to achieve the relaxed pain free delivery we all desire.

Dimple Sham Macdonald

We had so many friends recommend June’s HypnoBirthing classes and we are so pleased we did the course! June’s passion and knowledge is incredible, although you know she has delivered the information many times the course was fresh and fascinating! We learnt so much about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding. The course really does empower parents, when I went into labour we were calm, got checked and I was able to labour quietly at home before giving birth naturally at the hospital. No need for any invasive checks or medication. We knew what was happening throughout so minimal stress. Our wonderful girl was born bright and alert and we are so pleased to of have the birthing experience we did. Can’t recommend the course enough, it’s so much more than birthing. Even now our two year old has the relaxation music on at bedtime! Thank you for everything June! X

Suzie Parker

June is so lovely. She was so accommodating for me as I’m hard of hearing so she helped find a different way to suit me. It’s a great way to meet other parents all going through it at the same time 😊

Rachel Long

I don’t think I could put into words how amazing June is. An incredible woman who’s so kind, helpful and so extremely knowledgable. She helped my husband and I learn what to expect and how to manage everything. I learnt skills that I still use to this day with my now two year old. I 100% recommend June to anybody who wants to learn everything about pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding. Thank you for everything June 💛

Jessica Silver

June is a lovely lady and she teaches you some amazing techniques. I’m so happy I did hynobirthing I really can’t rate the course and June’s teaching high enough. It is a must for anyone who wants a peaceful and wonderful birth experience x

Catherine Highfield

HypnoBirthing is AMAZING! We would truly recommend this course to any pregnant woman who wishes to have a relaxed, calm, natural birth!

June is extremely helpful, offering support and encouragement every step of the way. She was very knowledgable, answering all questions we had with confidence, and clearly from years of experience.

The sense of achievement of being able to allow my body to relax and birth our son naturally and calmly was unbelievable! Having previously had a medicalised birth, this time was very different and I felt in full control the whole time. We have beautiful memories of the birth of our son thanks to Hypnobirthing.

Ell Mason

I can’t recommend June highly enough for her hypnobirthing Jersey course. I had a vision of what I wanted for his birth- all natural, at home, water birth- and the positive language and attitude that hypnobirthing offers meant I achieved my vision. I am very lucky to say I enjoyed my sons birth and I was even lucky enough to have June deliver my son as part of her midwife role. She is calm, encouraging and very supportive and a brilliant teacher. Highly recommend her hypnobirthing course for any mum wanting a positive birth experience.

Livi Patterson

June is incredible! Delivered our daughter Phoebe in 2014! A lovely lovely lady!

Christopher Martin

We did hypnobirthing with June and it’s a very special way to prepared for the arrival of your little one.

Laura Kelly

I would recommend hypnobirthing Jersey to all expecting parents. The skills taught during our initial course brought along a no stress, no ‘pain’ , no medicines birth for our first little one three years ago.
We recently gave birth to number 2, to prepare we did a one off refresher session which fine tuned what we thought we remembered, despite being more anxious second time round in case I couldn’t do it so well second time, the skills we practiced didn’t let us down, another baby born with no stress, no pain, no medication.
If you are thinking of hypnobirthing I would recommend June for her years of experience, compassion, humor and dedication.

Lisa Collette

Having attended June’s hypnobirthing course, this prepared me perfectly for when I home hypno-birthed my second and third sons. So calming and made everything such a positive and beautiful occasion, I’ll treasure forever

Hannah Barrot

Mention ‘hypnobirthing with June Poole’ to anyone who has completed the course / encountered June as a midwife and you will nearly always get the response ‘amazing’ , if not that then something equally as complimentary.
From the very beginning the course is both informative and empowering. As second time parents, but first time hypnobirthers, we found the course invaluable. It really prepared us to work as a team during labour and gave my husband a clear role and practical ways to help and support. I truly believe that the calm beautiful birth of our little girl was because of following the hypnobirthing principles taught on the course. June’s passion for normalising birth and embracing the natural processes of the human body is clear from the outset. By the time it came to it, I had complete faith in my body to birth my baby as nature intended and it was a wonderful experience. If you want something different to the usual portrayals of childbirth, then this is the course for you!

Linsey Knight

I cannot recommend June Poole and HypnoBirthing Jersey enough. What I gained from my HypnoBirthing classes with June was so much more than calming birth preparation. I made lifelong friends; something which when you become a parent is invaluable. June is experienced, friendly, reassuring and her genuine passion for caring for parents and their babies is really special. Not forgetting she’s the baker of the best homemade lemon drizzle cake there is in Jersey!


I couldn’t recommend June’s Hypnobirthing course enough. We have just finished this course in preparation for our second baby and I now feel, not just fully prepared, but actually excited for my labour. June uses her many years of experience and enthusiastic passion to dispel common labour myths and install confidence through education of the body and labour process. You learn to fully relax through breathing and visualisation techniques in the comfort of June’s own home. She makes you feel comfortable and able to ask any question. The knowledge and confidence I have gained from June is invaluable. The way June teaches the course paired with her experience and nature makes it a thoroughly enjoyable experience and we will miss our Monday evening class 😊

Kayleigh June 2019

I can’t recommend June’s classes enough! She has a wealth of knowledge that she is keen to share and I’ve no doubt that everyone leaves her classes with, at the very least, new tools that can be applied to life, not just childbirth.
June takes a really positive approach to birth, and why shouldn’t she, we are after all designed to do this. I feel everyone could benefit from this approach. Recognising what your body is doing at each stage is a vital part of being able to control how we feel and apply the techniques learnt. It may not always go to plan but the hypnobirthing mindset will always be there to remind you you’ve got this 👍🏻 The course is worth every penny and I would encourage anyone to give it a go.

Lucy Galley

After a fairly traumatic first labour nine years previously I wanted to try something completely different. I freely admit that I was sceptical, but all I can say is that it made for a truly incredible birth experience. I did hypnobirthing with with babies #2 and #3 and for both had a totally drug free, gentle birth into water. I felt totally in control, especially the second time around, and the entire !experience was so magical that I’m almost tempted to have another baby just so I could experience it all over again. It is empowering, it gives the birthing partner a defined, important role, it allows you to prepare mentally and physically for one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

I can not recommend June highly enough either; she is so warm and comforting and even came to our baby’s first and second birthday parties! She is very experienced and I felt incredibly safe and supported throughout the entire process. The small groups are fabulous and I am still in contact with everyone in mine nearly six years on.

I simply cannot recommend June and hypnobirthing highly enough.

Emma Bacon

The other reviews sum it up really. Hypnobirthing is such an empowering and wonderful way to prepare for birth. June is a lovely lady, obviously a vocational Midwife doing the job she was meant to do. She instantly puts you at ease, has a clear way of explaining things and a magical voice that will relax you instantly. Highly recommend her course. Thank you June! Xx

Viki Lucas

Absolutely amazing course, nature had its own plan for us so didn’t get to use all of my hypnobirthing techniques but what we learned was invaluable and made us so prepared for the birth. June is the best teacher too xxx

Lyndsey Soar

June is amazing! We both really enjoyed the course and it certainly helped calm my anxieties about birth. June notorious lemon drizzle cake is a lovely added bonus too

Amy Bourgoise

Everything about my positive birthing experience I owe to June’s teachings. I took control of my birth and knew what my body was doing at each stage. I highly recommend this course to everyone best money I’ve ever spent. Plus her cakes are amazing! 😋

Laura Brocken

Our Hypnobirthing experience was fantastic thanks to June and her course. She explained in detail each and every stage of labour and the techniques we could use to manage them. Throughout my labour, I was in control and there were no nasty surprises thanks to the positive expectations, breathing techniques and depth of knowledge we had gained from June’s course. I would definitely recommend!

 Phoebe Wrigley

June is amazing and so supportive no matter your circumstances. Her practical experience as a midwife combines perfectly with hypnobirthing philosophies and through years of helping women give birth doesn’t seem to have lost her compassion and empathy. When we had a really hard time during labour, her voice in my head kept me going and then once my baby was hear it was her actual voice in my house that made me feel normal and safe again! Love love love June. Xx

Michelle O’Neill

I did the course with June for both my babies and cannot recommend it enough. June is an exceptional teacher and both myself and my husband came away with a wealth of knowledge and more confidence about the birth. Don’t hesitate to do this course, it’s amazing and worth every penny.

Zoe Cartmell

The hypnobirthing classes helped me feel totally relaxed and confident in the lead up to the birth of my first baby. I have now had two little boys using hypnobirthing and with both of them my birthing experience was fantastic, no pain killers (not even paracetamol) and just lovely relaxed and controlled labours. I always recommend hypnobirthing to all my expectant friends.


Helen Butler-Day


“I highly recommend Hypnobirthing Jersey, and do, in fact, recommend June’s courses to everyone! Both of my children’s births (first one in hospital and the second a planned homebirth) were wholly positive experiences thanks to June and the hypnobirthing technique. It works and June is a fantastic teacher – knowledgeable, informative, understanding, reassuring and empowering. I also recommend the refresher course for subsequent births”

Lauren Glynn


When I found out I was pregnant, all I could think about was the birth and that scared me so much. That was until I met June, and after the first session of hypnobirthing I felt so different and so ready and for the first time I was so excited. An amazing experience you get to share with your partner who then feels so involved in the whole experience. Also we met life long friends along the way, and now our children get to grow up together. We highly recommend June and hypnobirthing

Kerry Phillips

Hi June,

Well – Evie Belle arrived on 6th November at home!! Another natural birth, another quick one of 1hour 18minutes!!!!
I cannot begin to thank you enough for teaching us Hypno birthing. Each birth has been different, each one amazing, and I feel so privileged to have been taught the tools to bring each baby into the world naturally and to remember each birth with such clarity.
I love the fact that what you teach brings us back to the power of womanhood, back to the strength and capability we all have within us to bring our children into the world naturally.
Our family feels complete now with Evie and all three of the ‘older’ children have been able to see that birth is not to be feared, but something that can happen safely within your own home and be enjoyed.
I’ve attached a photo of all your Hypno birthed Wallace’s! And if you ever want us to chat to any parents to be etc we’d be only too delighted to!
Thank you once again!
Michelle xxx

Once I was pregnant I knew deep down I was capable of a pain-free natural birth and HypnoBirthing unlocked that capability. The birth of my baby was beautiful, intimate and everything my husband and I had dreamed of. I would not have changed a thing about how she entered the world. She is beautiful, calm, happy and gentle. I recovered quickly as well, knowing my labour had been a natural event not an “illness”.

Thank you HypnoBirthing!

My birth was just as I hoped it would be. I felt minor contractions building but was able to remain calm, bath and get an hours sleep before I was woken up by intense, regular contractions. I was astonished to feel the excitement and even laughed through some of them as I couldn’t wait to meet our baby. I had thought I would be frightened as my labour with my first child had been incredibly hard. HypnoBirthing kept me calm and gave me a whole new perspective on birthing. My husband said my ability to go inwards during a contraction and cope without pain relief was amazing to see. I had a wonderful birthing experience.

Our HypnoBirthing course very much put us at ease of the whole idea of delivering our baby and gave us confidence and reassurance that we would have a lovely experience. Rather than feeling any nervousness we were extremely excited at the thought of childbirth as rather than have any negative thoughts we concentrated on meeting our baby. It enabled us as a couple to work together with very little intervention from our midwife or anyone else during our birth.

So thankful we took the HypnoBirthing classes. Believe it really changed the course of things – our baby is easy-going and content and healthy and I believe much of it has to do with the natural way he was brought into the world HypnoBirthing techniques kept me calm and in control and I am planning on using them for subsequent children. Thank you!

As I had been having intense surges every 5-8 minutes for 24 hours before active labour,  I found it difficult to control my breathing in the last half hour before transition and used the gas and air to allow me to breathe properly – in that time I went from 4-5cms dilated to ready to “push”. I loved breathing the baby down using J breathing – It worked so well, it only took 36 minutes and Harry popped out all in one breath!

I found using the birthing ball useful and the birthing pool help me to dilate from 2 1/2 cm to 10 cm in 2 1/2 hours unfortunately due to the baby being in posterior position I found it difficult to feel comfortable but kept going with my breathing anyway.

Once active labour kicked in it was a very speedy process I did lose my HypnoBirthing mindset temporarily but my partner helped to ground me again. I found all of the breathing techniques particularly helpful.

Although I did not have a natural birth and had to have a C section I still used HypnoBirthing techniques during surges.  I listened to music and concentrated on breathing correctly. I felt relaxed at all times. I did become upset and frustrated when I knew a natural birth was not possible, however thanks to staff and my husband I relaxed myself again and stayed calm throughout.

HypnoBirthing made me feel in control and confident enough to question and make informed decisions during the labour. It was easy to “centre” during a contraction and allowed me to remain calm and interact with midwives and partner during the whole labour. I also vowed I’d never give birth in the old “stirrup”position, but it was the best position for me in the end and I feel the HypnoBirthing course help me to be open-minded to how the labour progressed.

My contractions were very erratic to begin with but through using the breathing and relaxation techniques I found I was quite comfortable throughout the early stages. My contractions started on the Saturday evening but I was still able to sleep most of the night by being very relaxed. Throughout Sunday whilst the contractions became stronger I relied heavily on the breathing whilst I found moving around made the contractions much easier. We arrived at the hospital at 1 am Monday morning and again I found keeping active helped me a lot along with the focused breathing. When things weren’t progressing very quickly I agreed to have my waters broken, every thing became much more intense, but I found it easier to cope with as I had retained my energy earlier by being very relaxed. Within one hour and 40 minutes from my waters being broken our son was born. I used gas and air for the last hour or so, but I found it helped most by remaining focused on my breathing.

When my husband Charlie and I booked the course during our first pregnancy we weren’t really sure what to expect! However we benefited in numerous ways and would highly recommend HypnoBirthing … Firstly because June is a qualified midwife we gained a much better general understanding of what to expect during birthing and this helped to remove any preconceptions and fears.

We found that although the practicing did require a time commitment it was actually a good way of relaxing during the pregnancy. It also meant my husband felt much more involved in the experience as the techniques required practice and gave us time to focus on our new baby together.

When the time came, our baby did have to be artificially induced. However we were still able to use the HypnoBirthing techniques and as a result had the positive delivery of birth that we had anticipated – and a lovely baby boy.

- Clare

Thank you so much for enabling us to bring Edward into the world in the lovely way we did, we would gladly talk to any couples who need advice if that may help.

- James

We thoroughly enjoyed the course; I personally got so much out of it and feel that I am well prepared and confident about the birth of our baby. I came to the course with many fears of birthing and left with none and I am actually looking forward to the experience.

- Louise

As first time parents we were anxious about the labour and all the hysteria that goes with it. Doing your course gave us the knowledge and confidence to trust nature and we entered the birthing experience without “Fear” because of this. The relaxation techniques and breathing really did work and it was wonderful to see all that we had learned come together on the day. He is a lovely relaxed little boy and loves listening to the C.D’s

- Michelina

The course really helped me to address my fears of labour and birth and to stay calm, relaxed and focused. Thank you for bringing this course to Jersey; my birth wasn’t without it’s complications in the end; however the practice and techniques we had learned enabled us to have a calm labour. We are certain that Annabelle is a calm and contented baby as a result.

- Jennifer

Nobody could believe how laid back I was leading up to the birth; I felt so serene! During labour I relaxed in the bath for around 2-3hours whilst listening to the rainbow relaxation CD and my husband poured water over my abdomen and prompted me to breath correctly. I was dreading leaving the bath to go to hospital in the car but did so when surges were less than 3 minutes apart. I put the CD on in the car and closed my eyes. It turned out that the car journey was when I went deeply within myself. I arrived at the hospital in a trance-like state which I remained in for most of the remainder of the labour. My husband and midwife thought I was asleep at times but I was able to interact with them when I chose to. Whenever I started to come out of relaxation I was aware of the discomfort of the stronger surges, which was a great incentive to relax again! I was able to give birth to my little girl with no pain relief (although Ventouse Suction was required) and had a wonderfully alert and “chilled” baby. There really need not be anything to fear from giving birth other than fear itself.

- Chris

Thanks for teaching us how to HypnoBirth – it was truly an amazing experience, that’s given Cloy the best start in this life.

- Trish

We both feel we have learnt a life skill in relaxation techniques which will prove useful in the future.

- Sarah

Thank you so much for HypnoBirthing, whilst the birth didn’t fully go as planned, we approached it and dealt with it with confidence and the end result is a beautiful, relaxed son “Thomas” who brings us so much joy and love every day.

- Shelley

A very big thank you for the HypnoBirthing techniques, they made all the difference in bringing our wonderful daughter into the world in the most natural way possible.

- Tricia

Not only did I have a wonderfully relaxing pregnancy thanks to all those relaxation exercises but we both felt full of confidence for Olivia’s birth.

Richard and I both felt that we were in total control of our care thanks to all the knowledge you gave us.

- Jo

It was a wonderful, relaxing experience and really allowed me to relax from pregnancy to birth as well as helping my partner to feel a part of the birth.

- Eleanor

Our baby is very placid and relaxed and we believe this is due to her panic and stress-free birth.

- Debbie

Having had an emergency caesarean section with my first baby (Henry), I was eager to attempt a natural delivery with my second. The breathing techniques used in HypnoBirthing taught me a deep relaxation which enabled me to work with my body rather than against it. I felt totally in control. It was an amazing experience when, following a birthing of controlled breathing and tranquil music, my second baby (Isabelle) was born naturally.

- Karen

My husband and I approached the workshop with an open mind hoping to glean anything that would help make this double birth the natural and joyous event we wanted it to be. We weren’t’t disappointed. Through self-hypnosis and breathing techniques we were shown how to re-attune our minds and bodies to more positive ways of thinking about childbirth. In fact, I was amazed at the relaxed state I was able to achieve by visualisation and ‘just breathing’. Armed with these tools I was already feeling better prepared, more relaxed and in control alongside my husband who was able to take an active part in preparing for the births of our babies. Looking back on the safe arrival of our beautiful baby boys and our hypnobirth experience, I feel a real sense of joy and wonderment. I was prepared, ready to trust my body and embrace my natural birthing instincts. It felt right. I was totally calm and felt a natural anaesthesia flow through me, taking me to a totally new level of relaxation. There was no pain. What a more rewarding and in-control experience childbirth was for me using HypnoBirthing. I am sure that with greater awareness of the techniques many more women could benefit as I did.

- Alli -Twins

My first pregnancy resulted in an emergency caesarean section and when I fell pregnant again, I was determined to have a natural delivery. HypnoBirthing gave me the birthing experience that I truly wanted. The techniques that I learnt gave me the confidence to remain in control of my labour. I cannot recommend it highly enough; giving birth naturally and without intervention was a truly wonderful experience.

- Heulwyn

I feel very lucky to have been able to experience a HypnoBirth labour even though due to Lewis being too big it ended in an emergency caesarean. As I laboured throughout the night I was amazed at the lack of tiredness and I believe HypnoBirthing helped me to conserve my energies, this I feel also allowed for a quicker recovery from the section. I am still using the CD’s and the sleep breathing as a way to give myself a quick energy boost. This is also a great way to settle down to breast feeding and take time out for Lewis and myself. Thanks again for such a fantastic course, should the opportunity arise I would not hesitate to use it again, and will certainly recommend it to any mums to be

- Michelle and David

I am delighted to have taken part in this method of birthing, already I feel that he is a happy and contented baby whom I feel is mainly due to the natural birthing he had. The course and the experience have also brought my husband and I closer as we have shared the birthing experience together.

- Justine

Pregnant with my second son, I was very interested but extremely sceptical about the practical results that could be obtained from the HypnoBirthing technique. As a result I was genuinely astonished and delighted that by using what I learnt on the course, I had a calm, gentle, focused labour, and gave birth quickly and without pain relief – not what I’d expected at all! I recovered very quickly and feel great. June Poole is an inspirational teacher and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the course.

- Claire


HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer and less fretful perhaps because they have had no drugs during labour and an easier birth.

No – it will not be a waste of time. HypnoBirthing prepares you for the best birth for you. Although HypnoBirthing increases your likelihood of having a natural birth, we know there are genuine reasons why some women need a Caesarean Section, in this situation the HypnoBirthing technique of achieving deep relaxation is invaluable.

Yes. Although there was scepticism at first, carers looking after women using HypnoBirthing witness their success and can see the obvious benefits of the programme. Midwives support and promote natural birth as does HypnoBirthing, so they work well together.

The hospital classes cover a variety of subjects, some of which may not be included in the HypnoBirthing programme. It is individual choice as to how many courses you want to attend.

The program is designed to prepare each mum-to-be and her chosen birth companion for labour. The birthing companion, whether that is husband/partner/relative or friend needs to understand the philosophy and learn the technique. Countless women who have given birth through this program have laid the success of their birthing experience directly upon the support and assistance of the birthing companion.

I would suggest not before 24 weeks and ideally begin the course between 26weeks and 32weeks. If you are already further into your pregnancy, that’s fine, late bookers still make great HypnoBirthers, it just takes a little arranging.

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Please note, as from February 2021 I will only be teaching HypnoBirthing refresher courses for second or subsequent births for mums/couples who have previously taken a full course.

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Thank you.