HypnoBirthing babies tend to be calmer and less fretful perhaps because they have had no drugs during labour and an easier birth.

No – it will not be a waste of time. HypnoBirthing prepares you for the best birth for you. Although HypnoBirthing increases your likelihood of having a natural birth, we know there are genuine reasons why some women need a Caesarean Section, in this situation the HypnoBirthing technique of achieving deep relaxation is invaluable.

Yes. Although there was scepticism at first, carers looking after women using HypnoBirthing witness their success and can see the obvious benefits of the programme. Midwives support and promote natural birth as does HypnoBirthing, so they work well together.

The hospital classes cover a variety of subjects, some of which may not be included in the HypnoBirthing programme. It is individual choice as to how many courses you want to attend.

The program is designed to prepare each mum-to-be and her chosen birth companion for labour. The birthing companion, whether that is husband/partner/relative or friend needs to understand the philosophy and learn the technique. Countless women who have given birth through this program have laid the success of their birthing experience directly upon the support and assistance of the birthing companion.

I would suggest not before 24 weeks and ideally begin the course between 26weeks and 32weeks. If you are already further into your pregnancy, that’s fine, late bookers still make great HypnoBirthers, it just takes a little arranging.