The Course

Whilst I will continue my refresher courses, at present with a live video online session, I will no longer be teaching initial HypnoBirthing courses for either groups or one to one.

HypnoBirthing refresher courses for mums or couples preparing for their second or subsequent birth are usually arranged around 30-32 weeks and can be individual or small groups. These are usually one session for 2hours 30mins but can be longer if necessary.

Refresher Outline

  • Learning from previous birth.
  • Revisit breathing exercises.
  • Recap methods of relaxation.
  • Changes in a second or subsequent birth.
  • Remembering our hormonal benefits.
  • Using the online library.
  • Relaxation – instant and progressive.
  • Physical preparation.
  • Optimal positioning.
  • Birth preferences – understanding options and choices – Knowledge IS power!
  • Breast feeding.

Also included with the refresher session is an online library of scripts, music and narrations.